Plonk Beer & Wine  Bistro
CluckyClucky Yardstrutter

Mr. Yardstrutter is responsible for Plonk!’s wide-ranging and thoughtful wine list. Although he seeks out selections that will appeal to every budget and palate, his extensive knowledge and insistence on excellence occasionally earn him the label of “wine snob,” which he takes as a compliment.
DustyDusty Graves

A retired musician, Mr. Graves is responsible for Plonk!’s “Proprietary Blend” -- a carefully chosen music mix made up of personal favorites and special requests from the rest of Team Plonk! A good brew is his drink of choice, and he’s the brains behind Plonk!’s excellent selection of craft beers. If you’re ever lucky enough to sit next to him at the bar, expect to hear some incredible stories from his touring days.

A message from Clucky Yardstrutter:
Plonk! realizes a vision that Dusty and I have shared for many years – since we met twenty years ago, we’ve dreamed of a welcoming space where friends and neighbors could gather over good food and drink. Everything about Plonk! has been carefully planned to create the right experience, from our temperature-controlled wine cellar to our kitchen’s stone hearth oven to our beautiful outdoor patio. All these elements unite to form an unpretentious environment that nonetheless offers world-class food, wine, and beer. These elements are all crucial to making Plonk! what it is, but the most important element of all is our guests, our friends both old and new – the real reason we kept this dream alive for so long.

We’d love to add you to our circle of friends, and so I’d like to personally invite you to join us at Plonk! Beer and Wine Bistro Featuring nightly appearances by:

Chef Lindsey Vanarsdel as "Ace"
No one knows for certain where "Ace" acquired her remarkable knife skills, but legend has it she spent a year alone with a famous samurai on a remote Japanese island and then came back home a master of the blade, able to slice, dice, and chop with dazzling speed and precision.
Scott Miller as “The Wine Sheriff”
If a glass of wine is ever served at less-than-ideal temperature, or a menu item doesn’t come out picture-perfect, the perpetrator will have to answer to “The Wine Sheriff.” Tough but fair, he’s the law in these parts, and he “won’t take guff from nobody.”
Jeb Stuart as “The General”
Like that other famous Jeb, “The General” combines Southern charm with inspiring leadership. You don't have to salute, but if you get the chance, ask him to tell you the tale of his stunning victory at the Battle of White Oak Bayou.
Rob Harvey as “Nevada Rob”
“Nevada Rob” comes from the Silver State, land of sagebrush and neon. Perhaps this is where he learned his sterling saloon-keeping skills, but in any case, he knows how to keep a bar crowd happy and make sure no one’s glass is ever desert-dry.
Bridget Paliwoda as “Quick Draw”
Awaiting her first Oscar nod for Best Costume Design, “Quick Draw” is as speedy with a wardrobe change as she is with a corkscrew. Her many interests include vintage fashion, shark wrangling, and bar-top ballet. Amazingly, she does all her own stunts.
Monday 4:00 - 11:00PM
Tues-Thur 4:00 - Midnight
Fri-Sat 4:00 - 1:00AM
Sunday 4:00 - 11:00PM
1214 West 43rd Street
Houston, Texas 77018
Phone: 713-290-1070
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